At Spark Speech, we provide the following services for children and their families, from toddlers to young adults (along with accent modification for adults and teens):

Speech, language, or social skills therapy - tailored to your child's needs, skills and interests. Experienced and trained in working with articulation, phonological disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, receptive/expressive language delays, pragmatics, and other speech/language issues.

Comprehensive language/articulation assessment - includes observation and therapy session(s), interviewing you and other significant people in your child's life (teachers, caretakers, other therapists) as appropriate, standardized and informal/dynamic testing, and language/speech sampling and analysis. This culminates in a thorough, written/video report with a detailed explanation of your child's specific strengths, weaknesses, and suggested plan of action, along with meeting to go over the results together.

Independent educational evaluation - assessment as detailed above, with more intense focus on your child's educational needs. We have a thorough (10+ years) understanding of the educational system and IDEA regulations.

AAC (Alternative / Augmentative Communication) evaluation, system setup and training - app/system evaluation and recommendations, setup, implementation plan, and training with your child, you, and other support people. 

Parent consultation and training - including video review of your child working on their speech skills and the therapy techniques used, to help you work with your child between sessions and speed progress.

Spark family activities - included for free or nominal charge for therapy clients, since we all need a supportive community.

Please contact us to set up a free consultation, to discuss your child's needs!