Wood projects for kids: building language

When I was an intern SLP at the incredible Bank Street School for Children in NYC, I was always enamored with the school's wood building area for kids. I've carried the idea in my head for the past 12 years. And now we have our kid-friendly, real-deal wood working bench at Spark Speech Studio!

Safe, kid-friendly wood building is a fantastic language-generating activity. There's so much to talk about:

  • location concepts (on top, next to, under, inside, back, front, etc.)
  • characteristics (smooth, rough, sharp, straight, etc.)
  • describing and narrative skills (explaining what they made or what they're going to make)
  • sequencing and time concepts (first, next/then, finally/last)

And, don't worry, they won't be sawing or doing anything actually dangerous!

The engagement in this is, of course, amazing for many kids. Not to mention the sense of pride and accomplishment!

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